[2013 ChinaBang Awards Nominees] The Best Music Services

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2012 saw a new wave of digital music services in China and more efforts on mobile and diversified designs. We also saw more people from the music industry joined in. 2012 is also a year of mobile karaoke that got great traction and attracted copycats. Here we present the music services nominated for 2013 ChinaBang Awards. We’ll announce the finalists at our annual event ChinaBang, 11-12, April 2013, Beijing.



Jing.FM is a tag-based music streaming service. Tags created by the site range from musicians’ names to words that describe your mood at the moment. Tag combinations returns music streams accordingly. Also, users can input, with your fingers or voice, key words to get recommended streams. The founder, professionally educated in music, is a serial entrepreneur that founded a small music label and an online music community when he was in college, and a music product prior to jing.FM.


Niting was one of the first context-aware music recommendation services in China. It offers six status choices, working, studying and the like,  for users to tune in to. Besides, users can create and share playlists. Songs and playlists can also be shared onto other social networks. Niting pulls in songs from top100.cn to make sure all provided are legitimate. Niting was founded by Wang Zhixiang, a music producer.


It’s Chinese name reads like “you sing and I’ll venture a guess”. It’s a music social game for users to guess the names of songs other users sing.

ChangbaKuroWeichang, Aichang

The four are mobile karaoke apps that users can share their singing and others’. Changba was the first of this kind and is the most popular so far. Weichang was developed by YY Inc. and Aichang is funded by  Innovation Works.


Muses is a music recognition service developed by Dolphin Browser team.


Yinyuetai is a social sharing service for music videos.

iQiyi Music

iQiyi Music is a music video service under iQiyi, the online video service wholly owned by Baidu.

  • bwu364

    How is Xiami/Duomi/QQ音乐 not here? Even 微信s Music recognition feature is not listed..

    • Tracey Xiang

      Hi there, we are talking about services launched or who made dramatic improvements in 2012, right? Those music services you mentioned have been around for a long while.

      The music recognition feature came out with Weixin 4.5 which was launched in the beginning of 2013.