[2013 ChinaBang Awards Nominees] The Best Healthcare & Fitness Services

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We saw a variety of healthcare and fitness services emerging or evolving in 2012. Here we present some outstanding services that care for our health and help improve our life quality. For other categories of nominees, you can see the complete list here (in Chinese) and vote for them!


Guorizi is a daily-life guide based on TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). Users and their families get daily recommendations of food and health-related advises based on the results of the test provided by the site. Users also can create shopping list based on the food ingredients recommended.

5U Family Doctor

5U Family Doctor introduces family doctors to Chinese families – China’s health system hasn’t been based on family doctor model. Doctors introduced to registered users offer services from answering health-related questions to arranging appointments with doctors.

Chunyu Doctor

Chunyu Doctor is a mobile hospital. Users can build their personal health records there, seek help from doctors on the platform and check out medicine information. It also enables users to find hospitals, doctors and pharmacies near to their locations.


Haodaifu (Good Doctors in Chinese) is a platform connecting users to doctors across the country. The service has reached partnership with over 32 hundred hospitals and 300 thousand doctors. About 50 thousand doctors are active on the platform answering questions from users.

Pocket Check-up

Pocket Check-up is a health check-up app. It helps users build health records and track data. It’s bilingual (Chinese and English) and has free/paid versions.

Healthy Weight Loss 4+1

4+1 is a weight-loss app that tracks exercise data and food (calories) intake with sensors such as accelerometer and 6-axis gyroscope.


E-pocket is an app for doctors that stores almost all the reference materials, data and tools they need.


Dayima is a menstrual calendar app. It also has a forum that includes topics on women’s health, beauty, astrology and so on, to serve the women community.

Health Diary 

Health Diary is an app that let you reflect on eight aspects of your daily life by giving ratings for each category. Then the service will return health-related information and recommendations of health-improving products. Every Friday it will present you a weekly report and give advises.

Medication Guides for Families

It is an app that offers medicine instructions and helps users find pharmacies near to them. The app is developed by Dingxiangyuan, a company who used to develop services for and serve medical professionals.