[2013 ChinaBang Awards Nominees] The Best Travel Tools

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We have a long list of travel-related tools and services that emerged in 2012. Here we go:


Travel Translator

This is a translation app for overseas travel. It’s developed by Mafengwo, a travel service who has developed a variety of travel-related apps.


Rainbow Bus

Rainbow Bus is a full-fledged public transportation tool. It offers all information you need when taking a ride on a bus, subway or taxi. It’d even tell you whether a bus or a train is crowded — with help from passengers who use Raibow Bus there.



Jamper shows live traffic maps. Users can also tune into traffic reports.


Du Che Me

It’s a Waze-like social traffic and navigation app.


8684 Bus

It’s an app that supports offline search for bus/subway stops and routes.


Di Tie Zhong Guo (Subways in China)

This app shows all the subways across China and recommends most convenient routes.


Di Di Da Che

This taxi app helps passengers find the nearest taxi driver.



This is a chauffeur service. It has a big chauffeur pool that promises to send one over within 15 minutes. Users can also reach the nearest five chauffeurs with its app.



Yongche is a Uber-like car rental service. Founded in 2010, the company covers twenty first-tier cities with several thousand limousines in service.


Zhou Bian Kuai Cha

The app, developed by Dianping the ratings & reviews service, for users to search for banks/ATMs, parking lots, convenince stores, pharmacies, post offices, gas stations, etc.



Douxing is a travel app developed by Qunar, a travel search service.



Moit is a hotel booking app who aims to offer the simplest service for travelers.


Jiu Dian Kong

This hotel booking app adopts auction-based pricing similar to Priceline’s.



Veryzhun tracks flights and reports airport delays.


Flight Manager

This app is a live flight tracker. It also provides information of flight tickets



After a user registers with his/her national ID, the app would show all the flights he/she has ever taken and has booked. The app also offers information other flight tracking apps do.

We’ll announce the finalists at our annual event ChinaBang, 11-12, April 2013, Beijing.