[2013 ChinaBang Awards Nominees] Games of the Year 2012

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Here are  the stand-alone games and online games we nominated for 2013 ChinaBang Awards. We’ll announce the finalists at our annual event ChinaBang, 11-12, April 2013, Beijing.

Stand-alone Games

Carrot Fantasy  (SLG)

Kung Pow Granny  (casual game)

A.O.T.R (sports game)

Emprie Denfense 2 (strategy game)

The Gods (action game)

Fishing Joy 2 (casual game)

Treasure of Caribbean (adventure game)

Super Dynamite Fishing (casual game)

Sanguo Now (Android-only, RPG)

San Guo Ying Jie Zhuan  (SLG)

Xian Jian Qi Xia Zhuan 5 (RPG)

Draw Something (casual game)


Online Games

Battlefield Online (shooting game)

Dragon Force (adventure game)

Shen Xian Dao ( RPG)

Hoolai Sanguo (strategy game)

PK Online (shooting game)

Shijie Online (RPG)

Mobile MHZX 2 (RPG)

Wo Long Yin (strategy game)

Da Hang Hai Zhan Ji (strategy game)

Wang Xian (mobile MMORPG)