Feely (Ganshou) Wins The Choice of Infinity Venture Partners at ChinaBang 2013

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Feely(Ganshou in Chinese) wins The Choice of Infinity Venture Partners at ChinaBang Startup Battlefield 2013. It’s an award that the representative from Infinity Venture Partners, Mr. Akio Tanaka, select on site after the ten finalists finish presentations. Thus Ganshou won the chance to attend the next Infinity Venture Summit in Japan.

Feely is a mood diary and helps analyse your mood. It tracks your daily mood anytime like when you check into a place. It’s also social that you can share your mood onto other social networks like Facebook and will be notified whenever your friend posts a message on Feely. The team plans to launch a “mood” API in the future. Users will be able to make custom emoticons then.

What’s interesting is Feely didn’t impress most VC judges and got the lowest score in the Startup Battlefield competition. But Mr.Tanaka liked them for the impressive team members and the fact that they started with global vision.

The four team members are Chinese with work experience in the US. Jiang Chunxi, an iOS engineer, is working for Betaworks and used to work at New York Times. Li Zonghan, working at MTV International as a director. Huang Kuan, working at Betaworks’ Hacker in Residence and a serial entrepreneur, is the product manager. The back-end engineer, Fu Hai, is the co-founder of Neocha.

The app landed on App Store US first and the Chinese version was released before ChinaBang 2013. Infinity Venture Partners may give help to localize Feely in Japan.