Microduino Shrinks the Arduino: Cheaper, Same Power

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For hobbyists and professionals, the electronic prototyping platform Arduino from Italy has been one of their best friends out there for developing quick projects. Its drawback? It is too expensive and not small or flexible enough for certain projects.

Tiki Wang and his team have come up with a solution—the Arduino-compatible Microduino, debuting on Kickstarter on August 22. It literally divides Arduino into two separate parts, the controller core and the communication core (see below), which can be stacked up and function together as a full Arduino Uno (see below). The result is a smart, powerful, low-cost Microduino of the size of a 1-yuan coin.  (intro video on Youtube)


the controller core and the communication core


One-yuan-coin-sized Microduino


Compact, low-cost

The Microduino platform uses the same processor and, with stackable shields, is as expandable as Arduino. Each module in the Microduino family has been optimized to include only the core circuits for its specific function to keep the size down. The add-on modules are easily stackable with 27 U-shaped pins to perform a variety of functions, whether it is Bluetooth, WiFi, USB, or sensor readings (via Wikipedia). Being compact also means users don’t have to pay for circuitry which they are not using, making it highly cost-efficient.


Like Arduino, Microduino is offered as an open-source platform that helps hobbyists get their projects going. Beijing Maxpace, the supporting community behind Microduino, provides not only tools for hackers but a sense of community built on knowledge, innovation and common good.

If you are excited like me about Microduino’s Kickstarter debut, also the first Kickstarter project from Beijing Maxpace, keep yourself posted by following its official Weibo or Facebook Page where you can also see Microduino users cooking up a range of fun projects with the tiny circuit board.


  • Steve Spence

    I’d create a power module designed to be stacked, to eliminate all power conditioning from the main module. This would allow a variety of power input modules (automotive, solar, ups, etc.).

  • RAM

    Ok, today is august 23 and there’s no trace of Microduino in Kickstarter. So, this is a hoax, or the Microduino staff just got kidnapped. I’d like it better that these guys are beong kept hostages, and somebody will release them, I really liked this project. Oh, and they’re not on indiegogo, just checked.

    • Microduino

      thanks for your support! we’re waiting for KS’s final approval, please stay tune. thanks!

      • RAM

        I’ll go hunger strike

        • Microduino

          … so do we
          Have to wait for KS, are they in vacation now? :-(

  • Microduino

    Microduino Kickstarter project status update:

    We had submitted project application to Kickstarter in 13/Aug, but got feedback in 20/Aug (took one week). We’re request to add “the full scope of a team that’s handling the complexity of your product” and “a thorough manufacturing plan” for this . Well, good suggestions, it’s an opportunity for us to educate a general audience.

    The second round application was submitted in 20/Aug, hope we get KS approval soon. If everything goes well, we will launch Microduino Kickstarter project around 28/Aug.

    Thanks for your support!

    for more information, please visit our facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Microduino

  • Microduino

    CAUTION: We recently found a *FAKE* microduino webstore *microduino[.]org* , It’s a fraud! Please DON’T place any order over there, Don’t be cheated by it.Be noticed that Microduino studio NEVER authorize any other one to sell any Microdino product.Please help to spread this information to your friends to aviod any potential lost. We will launch Kickstarter project as soon as get KS final approval, Stay tunned.Homepage: http://www.Microduino.cc/Facebook: https://www.Facebook.com/Microduino/Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/Microduino/

  • Microduino

    Hooray! Your project, Microduino: Arduino in your pocket–small, stackable, smart, has been accepted!

    Finally got approval from Kickstarter! We will launch Microduino at 10AM, 9th/Sep (EST)! Please look forward to!

    Check Microduino status in

    Facekbook: http://www.facebook.com/Microduino

    Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/Microduino

    Wiki: http://wiki.Microduino.cc