GEAK Smart WiFi Router To Differentiate from Peers with A Touch Screen

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GEAK, the smart device maker of Shanda, launched a smart WiFi router today, as planned — on the same day that Xiaomi smart WiFi router is available for sale. And GEAK claims it will be sold at a lower price than that for Xiaomi’s.

To make a difference, GEAK router has a touch screen (see below). From the homescreen you can manage all your connected devices, visit the Web, set up your account, and — if you really need — check out time. Thus you don’t have to control the router through desktop or mobile device.


Users can run GEAK router through desktop, mobile app or the router screen.

Users can control GEAK router through desktop, mobile app or the router screen.

Another differentiator is GEAK router has integrated online games its parent company, one of the biggest online game companies in China, is operating.

It shows there’ll be more apps onto the platform, but the company doesn’t disclose what they are or who would develop them. GEAK router claims it runs 2.5 times faster than the traditional WiFi routers.

GEAK is a comparatively young brand in hardware manufacturing. Though the company was founded in 2009,  GEAK brand was founded in June this year. In this year it launched a smart watcha smart ring and, earlier, smartphones.