June 24, China’s first and one of the largest food recipe sharing SNS Douguo.com announced the winning of first round funding of up to RMB 10 million (US$ 1.54 million) from Chinese online game vendor Shanda Interactive, which is a record high in the food SNS field and the first investment made by Shanda in such area. According to Mr. Wang Yuxiang, the funding will be used for the development of new products, upgrading of user experience and recruitment.

Douguo.com intends to offer an interactive platform for those who love life and enjoy cooking to discover, share and exchange food recipes.During our recent visit to Douguo office in Beijing, Douguo Founder and CEO Wang Yuxiang shared some of his visions about the site. As described on the site – life is like courses of dishes, no matter sweet, sour, bitter or spicy, it just emerges one after another, Douguo is inspired by daily life. First founded nearly four years ago, as the first Chinese food community, Douguo rapidly grows as a leader of food SNS and remains committed to its initial three goals.

• Goal #1: content is the most important.Douguo had already amassed more than 100,000 original recipes with detailed descriptions and images, mostly shared by its users the number of which is nearly 100,000.

• Goal #2: expanding online community and mobile client. Douguo previously released its Android app in Jan. 25 this year, followed by an iPhone client in May 3. Currently, the two applications have topped various apps markets steadily.In addition, an iPad cilent will be launched in July this year.

• Goal #3: developing the food community, increasing interactive functions, advocating food DIY. Douguo will revamp its website this month, followed by increased efforts to pay more attention to user experience, and to enhance more interactions on the site.

In addition, Douguo also contains an amazing free e-journal, Mei Shi E Kan which means Food E-Magazine (blog.douguo.com) that includes a wide range of local and world cuisine, advices for health care, and lots of useful kitchen tips. The author of those articles explore in-depthly into the entire world, be it busy street or quiet alley, from classic french food to Chinese sidewalk snack booth.Its RSS subscriber has increased more than 30,0000, and it is highly recommended by many famous mainstream Chinese online RSS readers, like xianguo.com, DouBan Jiudian and NetEase YouDao. According to Wang Yuxiang, Douguo persists to pursuing its three goals in the past four year.The site wants to purely focus on food and provide a community for people who love cuisine and life.

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