You’ve been wondering when Sina Weibo will be launching its English version. Today, we talked to one official from Weibo management team. He confirmed that the English version of Weibo would be out very soon.

However, launching the site in English is not a big deal (Tencent Weibo’s English version has been launched) .

It’s not about accessing the oversea market, it’s about the oversea companies to access the Chinese users.

The official said they’ve seen a good demand of oversea services which want to connect to Sina Weibo’s service to entertain Chinese users. For the first batch of oversea partners, FlipBoard and Instagram would be in it. With the integration of the Weibo, the Chinese users of FlipBoard and other oversea services would be able to share content on the hottest Chinese social media. “FlipBoard will be launching a Chinese version.” He said, “and of course they will find out a way to get accessible again (Editor: FlipBoard currently is not accessible in China).”

Furthermore, Sina Weibo is also secretly testing its Kik-like feature which can be seen when you send direct message to others on its app. Rumor says Sina Weibo might launch a standalone Kik-like app too, attacking Tencent’s Weixin.

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    1. It’s just the mobile version, not the online that we see on the Web!

  1. I fell  very exciting.Because China’s science and technology more and more developed;What’more,it will face the world.

  2. Sina Weibo has had an English UI iPhone App for a long time. What is currently lacking is a Web English UI. Despite this there are actually many Western Companies/Brands using Sina Weibo. I have compiled a list of over 200 Western Companies/Brands using Sina Weibo. List is at

  3. I’m curious if this version of Weibo will tie into Sina’s pre-existing API, and can users on the English version communicate with users on the Chinese version.

  4. Sina’s Weibo will be the biggest and fastest growing social platform in 1 year…bigger than Facebook and Twitter combined!

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  5. hopefully, weibo will have an english version. if not, the idea of ‘weibo for chines’ is very disturbing. my thoughts are if that happens, china is going back to the mao era…with a closed door policy. it defeats what deng has hoped for.

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