Are you also addicted to Tencent’s messaging service Weixin and keep on chatting nonstop? Good news. The upcoming new Weixin 4.2 will be adding video chatting and many cool functions.

The new version is still in beta and according to some insiders, it’s very exciting. Some highlights about the new Weixin:

  • will be available on Web (need a cell to log in though)
  • supports video chatting
  • supports Bluetooth car kit
  • has more powerful security and privacy control
  • has a refreshing UI

Currently the web version of Weixin can only be accessed by scanning a QR code with a Weixin 4.2-installed phone. Interestingly, the URL for web Weixin is:, which makes people wonder if it’s a proof for the rumor of Tencent considering transforming Weixin into the QQ in mobile area. In the company’s restructure move in this May, QQ and Qzone were integrated into the Social Networking Group, and Weixin was organized into the Corp. Development Group. Tencent certainly wants to build Weixin into its next QQ in the territory of mobile.

With more than 100 million (433 days after debut) users announced in this March, Weixin pulled off sensational success and has become a phenomenon in Chinese mobile Internet world. Allen Zhang, the lead of Weixin team once said Weixin would not just be a communication tool but also a life style.

screenshot of Weixin 4.2

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