Tadeusz Jankowski, CEO of Wall of Sport

The fast approaching Brazilian World Cup to be kicked off this July is definitely beyond exciting for sports fans that have waited for the gala for four years. Wall of Sport, a Singapore-based social sports insight website, may bring more fun to the month-long sports holiday.

Wall of Sport is a social sports platform that integrates live streaming contents from content providers. Sport fans can get instant 24/7 access to an exciting sports community where they can share their passion for sports via either mobile devices or PCs. For traditional sports program broadcasters who see decreasing revenues due to fierce competition from online video services, Wall of Sport can provide second screen experiences to increase the engagement of their audience before, during and after the live game.

What’s distinguish Wall of Sport from other online sport streaming services is that it provides live data feeds, probability ratings, betting odds, and full social media integration, introduced Tadeusz Jankowski, founder of the company.

The prediction of results is based on three kinds of algorithms: 1. Algorithm powered by chunks of sports data to analyze the strength of defense/ attack, goal numbers, home/away advantages. 2. Rating system to evaluate the strength of teams that do not play each other very often (like Brazil and Germany). 3. Algorithm based on actual betting odds from 60 betting companies over the world. The site is linked to betting websites where sports fans can go bet if they want.

With the three algorithms, Wall of Sport covers a lot of games in the fields of soccer (led by FIFA World Cup), hockey, baseball, basketball, football, formula 1, tennis and cricket.

Wall of Sport

The company also planned to issue a virtual currency for fans who do not want to bet to enjoy the excitement and the opportunity to show off their capabilities in predicting the game results accurately. The users can bet with the virtual currency and the names of the best better will be display on the leader board.

The company’s revenue mainly comes from advertising, virtual currency, affiliate gaming commission, merchandising and premium SMS.

Targeting China as No. 1 market, the Chinese version (www.wallofsport.cn) of the one-year-old platform is currently going through ICP approval process. It is in discussion with Chinese content providers like SMG, Guangdong TV, LeTV, PPTV and Chinese lottery and betting services of 500.com and mcp888.com.

Tadeusz, a co-founder of the company, graduated from University of Chicago and worked 15 years in Nokia. The other two co-founders are Toumas and Marcin, who oversee sport betting and algorithm development business respectively. Supported by a 12-member team, the company has branched into Finland, Singapore, Indonesia and planned to set up an office in China.

Wall of Sport has received pre-seed investment and planned to raise $500k to$1 million seed funding for improvement of the platform and marketing.

image credit: Wall of Sport

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