JD.com, the Chinese e-commerce giant, today launched its own ‘instant’ shopping device similar to Amazon’s Dash Buttons called ‘JD Now‘. The device is available for 12 brands and 81 items from milk powder, laundry detergent to door-to-door cleaning services.

Like the Dash Button, JD Now is an internet-enabled gadget that allows Amazon consumers to purchase designated things with one click.

jd now
The front and back of a JD Now Durex button

Users connect the device to JD.com’s mobile app via Wi-Fi then bind the product they want to buy repeatedly. Once connected, they can place a order to their default address with a single press of a button. To avoid unwanted purchases, it can also be set to place no more than 5 orders per day. It’s designed to make the shopping experience simpler for products frequently purchased.

The only difference between Amazon’s Dash and JD Now is the price. While Amazon gifts Dash Buttons to its consumers on the first purchase, JD Now will be sold at 59 RMB (9.25 USD) each. The early bird price is 9.9 RMB (1.55 USD) and the soonest orders will ship next Friday.

JD.com says the Now button is the first “smart shopping device in China”, and has opened the program to all merchants, so we will likely see more brands using the buttons in the future. This isn’t the first feature JD has adapted from Amazon recently. A few weeks ago JD.com launched its premium membership, a well known feature from Amazon.

Amazon will return the Dash Button fee on the first purchase

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