Shanghai recently came at the top of the list in a KPMG report on the next global innovation hubs. (in Chinese). KPMG selected Shanghai as a future tech leader, due to its “growing base of digital media and entertainment companies”, among others.

KPMG employed six criteria to evaluate shortlisted cities: availability of talent, access to tech infrastructure, the ability to drive customer adoption, access to alliances and partnerships, access to capital, as well as training and access to educational programs.

China’s Beijing and Shenzhen also made the list, ranking third and thirteenth, respectively. In addition, New York was ranked the second on the list, followed by Tokyo, tying for third with Beijing.

It’s worth noting that Shanghai won a 26% nod this year (PDF) compared with 17% one year ago.

In recent years, Shanghai has been spearheading efforts to develop itself into an innovation-driven metropolis and a major global entrepreneurial hub. It has made significant advances in the development of its high-tech industry with the gross output value reaching RMB 680.99 billion, or 21.7% of the city’s industry total in 2015.

Electronic computers and office equipment, electronic and communication equipment, as well as medical and pharmaceutical products are the largest three contributors of the industry’s revenue source by gross output value, as is shown in the 2016 Shanghai Statistical Yearbook.

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