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Baidu shows off their AI on popular mental athletics show, The Brain

Last Friday, Baidu pitted their artificial intelligence against China’s best minds in the Season 4 premiere of Zui Qiang Danao (最强大脑 or The Brain in English), a popular weekly show featuring contestants performing feats of mental agility. Seasons 1-3 all featured international competitions between China and visiting teams, leading sometimes to uncomfortable results. However, after […]

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Chinese are getting tech savvy at a younger age

Chinese children go online at increasingly younger ages, Guangzhou Daily is reporting. According to a survey released at the Guangdong Internet Security for Children Forum on September 23, 2017, some children use social media as early as 3 years old, go online shopping at 7, and surpass their parents level of internet skills by the […]

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Top 15 apps you need for living in China

Say goodbye to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and welcome your new favorite apps. Here is everything you will need to navigate your China life. 1. Communication: WeChat (微信) The app to rule them all, WeChat is the very definition of indispensable in China. This is where you will connect with your friends, communicate with your […]

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Dianping apologizes for copying content from Xiaohongshu users without permission

大众点评:侵权小红书内容已全部下线– Sina Tech What happened: Dianping apologized on Monday after Alibaba-backed lifestyle platform Xiaohongshu accused the company of stealing some one million posts of content from the latter. The posts shared on Xiaohongshu were synced to Dianping without users’ permission.  The platform removed the content and has come up with technical tools to stop plagiarism. Why it’s […]