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China Internet Report 2018: Chinese internet giants are expanding and so is government regulation

China’s internet industry is one of the most active across the globe and as a new report by Abacus, 500 startups, and South China Morning Post shows just why. The China Internet Report 2018 shows that China tech trinity Baidu, Tencent, and Alibaba, collectively known as “BAT”, are expanding their businesses to every corner, ranging from […]

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Data shows 2017 was the year of e-commerce apps: report

China is a mobile-first country and the popularity of smartphones has also reflected one of its most vibrant internet industries: online shopping. China-based analysis firm Jiguang Data has published a new research report on the most popular e-commerce in 2017 charting the biggest players in the field. The report includes seven categories for online shopping […]

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Baidu’s autonomous driving technology finds new application in urban cleaning

Joining hands with Chinese tech giant Baidu, Beijing Environmental Equipment Company, a subsidiary of Beijing Environmental Hygiene Group, launched seven autonomous driving vehicles for urban environment cleaning, local media is reporting. Based on Baidu’s open-source autonomous driving platform Apollo, the seven autonomous driving vehicles launched on September 28 are designed to fulfill various tasks in urban city […]