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Is Xiaomi Pivoting Away From Smartphones?

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun wanted to make one thing clear when he spoke at the Summer Davos event in Tianjin on Monday: “Xiaomi was never meant to be just a smartphone vendor.” The company, which rocketed to fame through mega-sales of budget smartphones, is now stepping back from its revenue-driving product, amid a stagnating smartphone market and […]

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Xiaomi Is Expanding Their Smart Transport Empire With Bicycles

After tackling Segway-style smart transport last year, Xiaomi Inc. now has plans to expand further into smart bikes. The company will release a new Xiaomi-brand smart bike in the coming months, according to sources who spoke to the Wall Street Journal. At the same time Xiaomi-backed smart bicycle company IRiding will also release a ‘smart’ bike called the ‘QiCycle’ this week, […]

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Four Chinese Drones You Can’t Miss In 2016

The global commercial drone market is taking off as improvements in technology transform drones from a specialty device into an affordable consumer product. A huge market for consumer drones is blossoming and already, and China is making its mark. Data from state media outlet Xinhua shows that drone exports from China’s hardware hub Shenzhen amounted to $2.7 […]

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Xiaomi-Like Chinese Smartphone Vendor Collapses Amid Cutthroat Competition

The ecosystem that permitted the meteoric rise of Xiaomi’s valuation to over $45 billion no longer exists. A year-long contraction in the Chinese smartphone market has yielded a consolidated field of players struggling to find new inroads to a saturated market, and the latest casualty has fallen. Dakele, or “big coke”, the Chinese smartphone maker that once aimed to emulate Xiaomi, has suspended R&D […]

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Which Hardware Companies Could Put Xiaomi Back On Track In 2016? [Updated]

Xiaomi shipped over 70 million smartphones in 2015, falling short of their annual goal of 80 million unit shipments, while Huawei, who lagged behind by Xiaomi before 2015, announced 100 million annual shipments in December 2015. Xiaomi’s poor performance in smartphone sales may have something to do with their inability to launch a fifth flagship phone in 2015, attributed to issues […]

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Huawei Says They Can Hang On To Growth As Operating Margins Shrink

Huawei, the world’s third largest smartphone brand, posted a 40 percent increase in first quarter sales revenue when they reported their earnings on Monday. The company says they expect to maintain their current growth trajectory throughout the year. Huawei recorded $245.5 billion yuan ($37 billion USD) in revenue during the first six months of 2016, claiming they have managed […]

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Qualcomm Breathes Breath Of Fresh Air Following Xiaomi Licensing Deal

Qualcomm Incorporated stock has leapt over 5 percent, the biggest single-day increase in four years, following news that they have settled new 3G and 4G license patent agreements with Xiaomi. It’s a relief for the California-based chipmaker, which has seen its stock decline heavily in 2015 over licensing issues and slowing market demand. “We are pleased to reach […]

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Live from TechCrunch – How can a foreign hardware company enter China?

Shenzhen, the Silicon Valley in China, is becoming a must-destination for the foreign hardware startups to start their business. On the other hand, Chinese startups are starting from Shenzhen and expanding to global markets, such as educational robot kit Makeblock, drone maker DJI, and smartphone manufacturer Huawei. In the panel “Startup in Shenzhen”, Benjamin Joffe, Partner […]

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Xiaomi Teams Up With Foxconn To Make Phones In India

Xiaomi launched its first phone entirely assembled in India yesterday, the Redmi 2 Prime. The company has paired up with manufacturer Foxconn, who recently announced a $5 billion USD investment in new manufacturing facilities in western India. The phones were assembled in a current Foxconn factory, and retail at just over $100 USD, (6,999 INR). Xiaomi recently regained their top […]