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The top 10 Android app stores in China in 2017

We’ve updated for 2018. Check out this year’s list here. While Apple continues to have their struggles in China, Android-powered smartphones are picking up the slack. Unfortunately, Google isn’t doing so well in China either. This means that if Android users want to download applications, they must rely on app stores operated by local players. The app […]

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Chinese appliances brands expand presence in Korea

Chinese appliances brands are gaining a greater hold in the Korean market, thanks to their lower prices and improving quality, South Korean media (in Chinese) are reporting. According to the reports, the smartphone launch by Chinese tech giant Xiaomi in 2014 has served to change the stereotype that Chinese electronics products are shoddy and dangerous. Chinese […]

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Tactics to make sure you get your hongbao this Chinese New Year

Editor’s note: This article originally appeared on our sister site, TechNode Chinese. If you’re working in a Chinese company, then you’d better be prepared for Chinese New Year’s Eve, the best time of the year to grab red envelopes on your WeChat group. Chinese people give red envelope (hongbao, 红包) with money to their younger children and co-workers as […]

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TechNode’s Top 10 “Other” Stories of 2016

It’s official: 2016 is finally over. From celebrity deaths to surpise elections, no one could have predicted how it went. That certainly is true for us at TechNode as well. After delving into our top posts for many different verticals, we all agree that 2016 was disappointing, unpredictable, but also amazing in it’s own way. […]

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Are China’s bike-sharing platforms really part of the sharing economy?

China’s O2O market has seen quite a few companies doing interesting things, some succeeding, some failing. The latest hot vertical is bike-sharing. According to the China’s bike sharing industry mini-report by China Channel, Mobike (backed by Tencent and Foxconn) and Ofo (backed by Didi and Xiaomi) are clear market leaders amongst growing competitors. Founded in January 2015, the […]

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China’s underground anime fan culture is changing how brands market in China

Some Chinese tech firms get all the attention. BATJ, Xiaomi, ofo, and all the “sharing economy” startups have dominated headlines over the past few years. However, there is another group of companies who choose to keep a relatively low profile but are nonetheless an important part of China’s ever-growing tech landscape. Bilibili might be a lesser-known name […]

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Live from TechCrunch – How can a foreign hardware company enter China?

Shenzhen, the Silicon Valley in China, is becoming a must-destination for the foreign hardware startups to start their business. On the other hand, Chinese startups are starting from Shenzhen and expanding to global markets, such as educational robot kit Makeblock, drone maker DJI, and smartphone manufacturer Huawei. In the panel “Startup in Shenzhen”, Benjamin Joffe, Partner […]