What I learned from a year of translating Chinese articles about AI

There's a lot more to the story than an "AI gap."

Outpaced by local rivals, Amazon struggles to remain relevant in China

The company maintains that the move is not a complete pull-back from the China market, but is “a transitional period.”

Briefing: Tencent licensed to distribute Nintendo Switch in China

The console has been available in most markets since March 2017 but hasn’t been officially distributed in China.

Briefing: US self-driving company Aptiv to open research center in Shanghai

Aptiv sees China as an important part of its business, given the extent the market is expected to grow rapidly between now and 2040.

Briefing: Foxconn chairman Terry Gou to run for president of Taiwan

Gou’s candidacy prompted concerns over the uncertain impact of the company and the political and economic landscape across the Taiwan Straits.

Coffee upstart Luckin raises $150 million in Series B+, valuation now $2.9 billion

The funding is raised at a valuation of $2.9 billion, up from $2.2 billion in December.

Briefing: Large P2P lenders ordered to ready disclosures for regulators

Regulators aim to complete industry-wide registration with its monitoring system by 2020.

Briefing: After official censure for vulgar content, Sina suspends apps for a month

Authorities said Sina had spread false and vulgar content on its content platforms, and was a "bad influence."