Briefing: Meitu cuts smartphone segment amid gloomy financials

Selfie app makers will shift back to core activities, developing next-generation image technology and algorithms.

Briefing: Didi takes punitive measures against deviant shared bike riders

The rules went into effect on Wednesday on Didi’s bike-rental platforms Qingju and Bluegogo.

Xiaohongshu fights fraudulent reviews on user-powered e-commerce platform

Fraud allegations, if unaddressed, could prove especially harmful for RED.

Two Sessions signal Chinese government support for blockchain

Bitcoin ban won’t change but China is getting behind blockchain.

Briefing: Faraday Future sells Los Angeles headquarters to stay afloat

EV maker's cash crunch also resulted in it not bringing back hundreds of furloughed employees.

Briefing: Former Tencent AI Lab head joins Sinovation Ventures

Zhang will provide guidance for the company’s technology investment portfolio, AI-related early projects, and talent training in its incubator.

Briefing: Facial recognition firm Megvii seeks $800 million IPO

The company's listing could serve as a litmus test for other AI companies thinking about following the company to the capital markets.

Bytedance barred from using WeChat user information in Douyin, Duoshan

The suspension is not final but will last until the final judgment of the case at a future date.