Industry goliaths seek innovation boost from Chinese tech startups

Not only tech giants but companies in the traditional sector that strive to innovate started working with startups.

Meituan pared losses in Q1 as cost controls gain traction

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Cultural differences a hurdle for Chinese tech firms in Southeast Asia, India

And Southeast Asia and India are becoming new battlegrounds for Chinese tech startups and giants to copy successes from their home country.

Briefing: Alibaba Health gets a $290 million boost from Alibaba, Ant Financial

The Hong Kong-listed Alibaba Health will gain HKD 2.3 billion in cash from the agreement.

B2B opportunities shore up slowing growth in consumer-facing verticals

Chinese tech companies now face the brutal truth that the country’s era of breakneck economic growth has come to an end.

Blockchain and its role in China’s future financial system

Companies are now more interested in blockchain solutions that actually solve real problems.

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