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Why is TechNode launching a membership plan?

    • We and our readers share a passion for understanding China’s tech industry. Given the right mechanism, our mutual interest can be harnessed in the service of our common goal: uniquely perceptive content that abides by the highest journalistic ethics. Serving this bilateral aim is deep reciprocal engagement, the kind found in equal partnerships. We believe that a structured environment that fosters purposeful debate will empower our community. Together, we can navigate China’s intricate tech scene.
    • Today, advertisers—not readers—are the customer. It’s no wonder that public trust in journalism has diminished. Online, this has translated into clickbait, misleading headlines, and ill-informed opinions. You deserve relevant and credible information, not irresponsibly endless feeds. Our obligation is to serve our members better.

TL;DR: China is the story of the next decade and tech will play a bigger and bigger role in that narrative. TechNode Squared is the best way to stay up to date with unbiased and actionable information about China tech.

Why should I rely on TechNode’s team for news on China tech?

China, and especially its tech industry, has taken over the global news cycle. Yet information gaps and illusions around key trends still persist. The truth is always more nuanced than usually presented, especially with regards to a country that is hard to translate and partly obscured. TechNode has reporters stationed throughout the Greater China area, including Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen. We’re dynamic, switched on, and we bring you stories straight from the field. Few—if any—of our competitors are as well-positioned to tell the important story of China tech.

TL;DR: Because we offer nuanced and balanced perspectives on China and China tech.

What exactly do members get?

Unlimited access to TechNode’s quality journalism products:

  • Complete access to the resources of our website www.technode.com
  • Members-only curated newsletters, including:
    • “Distilled”—Our flagship weekly premium newsletter
    • Niche newsletters such as our biweekly “In Focus: Bytedance” newsletter
    • More topic-specific newsletters that you request
  • Members will also have the option to receive our free, daily newsletter “Filtered”   
  • Member-first access to flagship and niche podcasts including China Tech Talks, China Tech Investor, and Node Worthy
  • Member-first access to TechNode visual products, including executive interviews and company profiles
  • Member-first infographics and charts, developed by TechNode’s data journalism team

Exclusive access to our TechNode Squared community

  • Members-only Slack channel
  • Member discounts to TechNode events
  • Discounts on TechNode research products: Exclusive company and sector reports, executive profiles, member-first videos
  • TechNode’s proprietary China tech industry database (coming soon)

What is the difference between the free and premium newsletters?

Put simply, it is the amount of time, effort, and money invested by our editorial team in the creation of members-only content and experiences. The daily newsletter is a snapshot of the day’s important stories that leverages the content freely available on our site; it will remain free for the time being.

The premium newsletters provide a level of analysis and curation found nowhere else, including meticulously researched long reads and triple-distilled synopses.

Free newsletter:

  • “Filtered” daily newsletter
      • A quick wrap-up of major developments
      • A closer look at one key story
      • A quickfire take on the top stories of the day
      • A thought-provoking quote to round off the day

Exclusive newsletters:

  • “Distilled” weekly newsletter
    • A curated read that you can finish in one sitting, leaving you informed and empowered about China’s tech industry
        • Insightful commentary from our journalists, quickly responding to the most significant developments in China’s tech scene
        • A thorough synopsis of the key takeaways from the week’s news
        • A roundup of what’s buzzing on Chinese media, translated and contextualized by our team of journalists
        • Data-driven snapshots of key Chinese startup funding
        • Infographics that offer an alternative way to slice and dice a story
        • Exclusive newsletter-first stories
  • Specialized and pop-up newsletters: Topic-driven, tech-related, exclusive takes in your inbox
    • The first of its kind; a series of pop-up newsletters dedicated to China’s tech, constantly refreshing to respond to your information needs.
    • The first one: A biweekly “In Focus: Bytedance” newsletter
      • A global first. The only newsletter dedicated to the world’s most valuable startup, Chinese and international perspectives on Chinese-owned Bytedance is challenging Facebook
        • Bytedance 101: Everything you need to know about this new player
        • Bulletin: The latest news, all in one place
        • Analysis: Challenges and opportunities, ahead of IPO

We have more in the works …

TL;DR: The daily is free. Members get access to all our free and premium content products, including a weekly and special industry/company-focused newsletters.

How will TechNode Squared affect access to content?

Non-members will continue to have access to meaningful content on our website. However, we are transitioning to a network-driven model, and thus are committed to making our members’ experience as rich as possible. To this end, we will roll out members-only and member-first features on our newsletter and website, granting our community early and exclusive access to some of our best content.

TL;DR: We will start walling off exclusive content on our site in the near future.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up via the link on our membership page or via the EventBank app when you are logged in to our company page.

What is your refund policy?

We do not give refunds. However, members can choose between three subscription plans with different rates for different durations: one month, three months, and one year.

Will I be charged for an extension of my membership automatically?

No, your subscription will not be renewed automatically. You will receive a membership renewal notification two weeks before your membership expires. You will have to manually renew your membership either on www.eventbank.cn or on the EventBank app.

Do I have to download EventBank app to manage my membership account?

No, it is not mandatory to download the app to access to your account. You will receive newsletters and event invitations in your email inbox and you can manage your account at www.eventbank.cn. Think of the app as a tool that conveniently consolidates all of TechNode’s newsletters, push notifications, and upcoming event information.

I don’t want the full membership. Can I just pay for newsletters or other journalism products individually?

For now, we’re rolling out TechNode Squared on a bundled basis. We may offer a la carte options at some point, but do not plan to do so in the foreseeable future.  

I still have questions. How do I communicate with TechNode Squared?

Email us at hello@technode.com. We are happy to help![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]