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Node Worthy 17: AI, blockchain, and Tencent’s move into the offline world

This week we talk the recent EmTech China conference, AI, blockchain, and Tencent’s move into the offline world. Download this episode Links Blockchain buzzwords, changes, and challenges: EmTech China blockchain panel EmTech China reveals what jobs will be left for humans after AI takes over Tencent may invest in Carrefour China as internet giants extend […]

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WeChat mini programs 1 year on: Key figures and trends

January 9th was WeChat mini program system’s first birthday. Throughout its first year, some startups picked it up and developed their own mini programs. There is now an ecosystem of mini programs. The advantage the small, light programs have is that WeChat users don’t need to download anything, they just start the mini app from […]

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Explainer: Why Taiwan is down but not out in the global AI race

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming our businesses, industries and the global economy at large. As other countries swarm to seize emerging opportunities brought by AI, Taiwan, the island situated amongst two AI front-runners—China and Japan—seems to have trouble rising above the clamor. The high-tech island is home to some of the world’s leading hardware and […]

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China’s going to take a bigger chunk of world’s $110b app economy in 2018: report

In the past decade, the whole world has witnessed how mobile phones and smart devices have revolutionized the way people live and think. As the iPhone, the forerunner of this evolution turned 10 in 2017, Apple’s App Store and competing platform Android Market are celebrating their tenth anniversaries in 2018. The decade-long development has brought […]

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Here’s how Chinese VCs are adapting to the ever-changing startup scene

China presents a fascinating nation for tech entrepreneurs. The speed at which China’s technology grows and transforms is perhaps the most important aspect in defining what’s happening in the country’s startup industry: The Middle Kingdom is now the second largest arena for entrepreneurship with one startup is set up every seven minutes. To highlight the changes, […]