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I was having a lunch with a friend today. And he told me, next month, i.e. November, the largest Chinese online book retailer, Dangdang, will be going public in Nasdaq. As one of the first major Chinese e-commerce sites going public, it must create lots of fuss. I heard from an investment bank source that […]

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Is Another Chinese Tech Bubble In the Making??

Dang Dang and Youku are finally listed. Both performed very well in their IPO debut in Nasdaq. Share of Dang Dang, one of the largest online bookstore, jumped 87 percent to close at US$29.91 on Dec 8. Youku, the leading online video site, surged 161 percent to US$33.44 yesterday. Its surge was second only to […]

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Problems with China’s Logistic Industry

Last week, I wrote about express delivery services stopped in China over the Chinese New Year because of not enough capacity.  In fact, there are more problems with China’s logistic industry than a simple lack of hands. (But why we are spending so much time discussing warehouses and delivery crew?  Isn’t Technode a blog for […]

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Tips for Luxury Brands in Chinese e-Commerce Market

Sales of luxury goods grew 12% in 2009, to $9.6 billion, accounting for 27.5% of the global market, according to Bain & Co. In the next five years, China’s luxury spending will increase to $14.6 billion, making it the No. 1 luxury market globally. In 2009, China overtook the U.S. to become the world’s second-largest […]