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Huawei goes into unmanned driving with BYD’s monorail

Chinese IT equipment and smartphone manufacturer Huawei announced that it will join hands with local automaker BYD to produce the world’s first eLTE unmanned driving system for BYD’s monorail, local media has reported. BYD’s monorail, known as SkyRail, went into operation in September 2017 in the city of Yinchuan and has already made an international […]

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Understanding China’s unmanned (r)evolution: China cares less about user experience than you think

While Amazon Go has been stealing headlines since it was revealed last year, we here at TechNode have been covering China’s increasing commitment to unmanned stores for about just as long. But, how exactly are China’s stores different and why are the technological and business models different from Amazon Go? First is speed: After announcing […]

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Mercedes-Benz parent company Daimler deepens partnership with Baidu

Daimler deepens ties with China’s Baidu on automated driving – TechCrunch

What happened: Baidu and Daimler, the parent company of Mercedes-Benz, have signed a MoU to deepen their partnership in automated driving and vehicle connectivity services. Under the newly signed agreement, the Daimler will collaborate with specifically with Baidu’s open-source autonomous driving platform, Apollo. The German automaker said it will integrate Baidu’s connectivity services into the Mercedes-Benz’s new in-car infotainment system.

Why it’s important: Chinese internet giant Baidu has evolved into a major player in autonomous driving technology since the launch of the Apollo platform last year. Up until now, the Apollo platform has formed partnerships with 119 companies worldwide. Daimler has been making inroads into China’s self-driving scene. The automaker was granted a license to test self-driving vehicles on public roads in Beijing earlier this month, becoming the first non-Chinese automaker to earn such a license.

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Co-founder of self-driving startup JingChi accuses company of forging signatures

Over the weekend, Chinese self-driving startup JingChi’s (景驰科技) co-founder Pan Sining accused CFO Lu Qing and others of forging signatures in shareholder’s meetings and illegally removing him from his positions as executive director and statutory representative, local media has reported. Pan wrote in a post on his official social media account demanding a response from […]

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JD deepens relationship with China’s military with first unmanned supermarket for PLA’s Academy of Armored Forces

On May 30, JD launched the first unmanned convenience supermarket for PLA’s Academy of Armored Forces (陆军装甲并学院). JD and land forces’ logistics unit (陆军后勤部) jointly contribute to the technical support of the supermarket. The business itself will be run by the Academy. This is not JD’s first move in China’s “military and civil integration (军民融合)” […]