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Explainer: Why Taiwan is down but not out in the global AI race

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming our businesses, industries and the global economy at large. As other countries swarm to seize emerging opportunities brought by AI, Taiwan, the island situated amongst two AI front-runners—China and Japan—seems to have trouble rising above the clamor. The high-tech island is home to some of the world’s leading hardware and […]

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GeekPwn 2018: Fooling AI is not actually as hard as you think it is

Editor’s note: This article was supported by GeekPwn. We believe in transparency in our publishing and monetization model. Read more here. You may have heard the machine learning term, “adversarial examples”, and perhaps even seen some demonstrations of it. However, have you ever seen a contest in adversarial attacks and defenses that happens in real-time? To boost […]

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China vs US: Who is winning the big AI battle?

China and the US are becoming the world’s biggest rivals in artificial intelligence: it’s Luke vs Darth Vader, Alien vs Predator, Rocky vs Ivan Drago. The Chinese government’s pivot to become the leader in this technology has created plenty of hype, but how are China’s ambitious AI aspirations playing out on the ground? Research by […]

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Obstacles Lay Ahead for Autonomous Driving

Driven by the IoT boom, cars are connected like never before. The connected car panel at CES Asia last week brought together prominent figures to butt heads over tone of the most interesting topics in the field: autonomous driving. HD Maps & Autonomous Driving   High-definition mapping is the core of tomorrow’s self-driving cars. While regular maps are compiled […]