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[Infographic] The differences between Mobike and Ofo

As the ride-hailing wars have disappeared, the latest war is bike-sharing (more like bike-rental), with Mobike and Ofo leading the pack. In case you weren’t sure how exactly they are different, WakeMeChat has made this handy infographic: Mobike’s technology seems to be a bit better, but how either company is actually making money is still a […]

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Ofo vs Mobike: Northern vs Southern China expansion models

Next time when you meet a Chinese person, ask where they are from. The geographical boundary between northern China and southern China is not precisely defined, but there are rough and approximate stereotypes on Northerners and Southerners’ height, language, and what they eat. At the annual ChinaBang Awards this year, Grace Gu, principal at ZhenFund (backer of ofo), […]

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US firm says ofo leading bike rental race in China

The public spat between Tencent’s CEO Pony Ma and GSR Ventures managing director Zhu Xiaohu over who is the most popular bike rental platform has added fuel to China’s already heated bike rental industry. The discussions between investment moguls make it difficult for onlookers to dig up into the correct figures in the burgeoning market. Even […]

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Some ofo users can’t unlock bikes from Didi app

Amid rumors of ofo’s acquisition by Didi Chuxing, users are encountering errors when attempting to rent the former’s bicycles through the ride-hailing giant’s app. According to the local media, an error is displayed within the app when scanning an ofo bicycle’s QR code. The message says that the problem has been partially repaired, but Didi cannot resolve […]