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The Coming Out of China’s Tech Companies (Part 1)

There is little excuse for the current level of misinformation, negative predisposition, or outright ignorance on the rapidly maturing Chinese tech ecosystem, especially from industry professionals who are community members of the largest congregation of smart people from all over the world, the Silicon Valley. Cliché criticisms around government intervention and media censorship, favoritism of the local companies, copycat start-ups, Facebook and Twitter’s blocking, Google’s very unfortunate exit, as well as eBay’s, Paypal’s, Amazon’s (and so on, the list is long) notorious failures to breakthrough in the China market in the past decade have all got considerable elements of truth in them but, left at that, they are no more than Aesopian “sour grape” type of aphorisms. They are only one side of the coin and thus dangerously misleading.