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Top 3 Chinese tech fails of 2017

The year 2017 was great for many tech firms in China. Tencent briefly outdid Facebook in market valuation reaching a $500 billion valuation mark. Toutiao shot up from obscurity on the international scene with its parent Bytedance buying Alibaba spread its wings further into Asia, Didi started its global expansion, Huawei overtook Apple as […]

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And the 7th annual ChinaBang Awards go to….!

Each year, ChinaBang Awards is dedicated to honoring the best innovation in China and to promoting the most promising and uprising tech startups inside China. Our panel of judges considered many factors in the selection process, including company innovation, continuity, potential, impact, and patents, as well as market growth, business model, product and service, and […]

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Enjoy being slow: Why Chinese tech companies are embracing a slower culture

In a movie with Chinese kungfu star Jet Li, Alibaba Group co-founder and executive chairman Jack Ma defeats eight celebrity martial artists in just 20 minutes. Not only does the mini-film try to portray Jack Ma’s unbeatable position in China’s tech industry, it also references the most commonly cited similarity between the tech industry and China’s ancient […]

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Updated: Toutiao’s overseas platform is delivering fake news, but its problems run much deeper than that

Editor’s note: This op-ed was contributed by Elliott Zaagman, a trainer, coach, and change management consultant who specializes in aiding Chinese companies as they globalize. To contact him, check him out on LinkedIn, or add ezaagman on WeChat.  Updated on 07 Feb 2018 to include information about Elliot’s previous relationship with the TopBuzz platform as well as his […]