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Are China’s bike-sharing platforms really part of the sharing economy?

China’s O2O market has seen quite a few companies doing interesting things, some succeeding, some failing. The latest hot vertical is bike-sharing. According to the China’s bike sharing industry mini-report by China Channel, Mobike (backed by Tencent and Foxconn) and Ofo (backed by Didi and Xiaomi) are clear market leaders amongst growing competitors. Founded in January 2015, the […]

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[Podcast] China Tech Weekly April 2: Tencent buys a 5% stake in Tesla

Editor’s note: This originally appeared on China Tech Insights, an English research unit affiliated to Tencent’s Online Media Group. This week: Baidu confronted with another executive departure Tencent expands investment in e-vehicles WeChat to push further into EU/US Didi considering 6B in new investment from SB Smaller Didi rival Shouqi considering new partnership Bike-sharing startups team […]

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Shanghai mulling bike-rental regulations

Shanghai is mulling rules to regulate the sizzling yet reckless development of the city’s bike-rental sector, local media is reporting (in Chinese). The new rules, expected to be introduced in May and come into effect in June or July this year, are the latest government efforts to deal with the growing problems emerging with the bike-rental […]

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Live from TechCrunch – How can a foreign hardware company enter China?

Shenzhen, the Silicon Valley in China, is becoming a must-destination for the foreign hardware startups to start their business. On the other hand, Chinese startups are starting from Shenzhen and expanding to global markets, such as educational robot kit Makeblock, drone maker DJI, and smartphone manufacturer Huawei. In the panel “Startup in Shenzhen”, Benjamin Joffe, Partner […]

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China Transportation Wars 2.0: Bike Sharing

The dust kicked up by ride sharing has settled, but the air is again charged with electricity. This time, it’s bike sharing, and companies are losing no time stocking up on ammo. The latest news is that Ofo, a dockless bike sharing company which started on campus, has completed a C round totaling 130 million […]

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8 questions about Chinese tech we will see answered in 2017

In the tech industry, new innovations are constantly supplanting old ideas and seemingly stable companies can find themselves facing unexpected challenges. However, the trends we saw started in 2016 posed questions that have yet to be answered. Here are eight of them we think will be answered in 2017. 1. Can Alipay effectively deter the aggressive rise […]