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GeekPwn 2018: Fooling AI is not actually as hard as you think it is

Editor’s note: This article was supported by GeekPwn. We believe in transparency in our publishing and monetization model. Read more here. You may have heard the machine learning term, “adversarial examples”, and perhaps even seen some demonstrations of it. However, have you ever seen a contest in adversarial attacks and defenses that happens in real-time? To boost […]

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Changchun law enforcement use drones for city management

Government officials from Chaoyang District in Jilin’s Changchun city established its Drone Law Enforcement Unit (无人机执法中队) in May, with the new division actively taking on city management duties. Drones with cameras are connected via a smart remote operation system equipped with an iPad-like screen. Trained law enforcement officers control the drones to patrol, monitor, and […]

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Pony Ma: Tencent is building networks to connect people, things, and intelligent devices

At today’s Tencent 2018 “Cloud + Future” Summit in Guangzhou, CEO Pony Ma introduced his new vision for the Tencent Cloud platform, dubbed the “three-net” concept (三张网), local media is reporting. The essence of the concept is to build up the “three nets”—IoP (Internet of People), IoT (Internet of Things), and IoI (Internet of Intelligence)—within […]

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ChinaBang 2018’s top 5 AI startups

The times they are a-changin’: in 2016, widescale commercial application of artificial intelligence was still a faraway high-tech dream. The ChinaBang Awards did not even have a specialized category for this technology. 2017 marked a new milestone—China decided to become the world’s strongest AI power. In the same year, ChinaBang gave out awards to three […]