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Co-Working Is Booming in China, Here’s Why

China has witnessed a huge boom of co-working spaces in recent years with hundreds of thousands of operators emerging. However, co-working is not happening only in China, but developing along with global trends. At the Co-working China Forum, Claire Stephens, Head of Workplace Strategy at global real estate services firm JLL, shared insight on China’s […]

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Why more trains may lead to more unicorns in China

Editor’s note: This was contributed by Hans Tung in collaboration with Zara Zhang. Hans Tung is a Managing Partner at GGV Capital. A five-time Forbes Midas Lister, he has been a US/China investor for more than a decade. Zara Zhang is an analyst at GGV Capital. She has written for The Information, The Harvard Crimson, Harvard Magazine, among other publications. When I […]

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Updated: Toutiao’s overseas platform is delivering fake news, but its problems run much deeper than that

Editor’s note: This op-ed was contributed by Elliott Zaagman, a trainer, coach, and change management consultant who specializes in aiding Chinese companies as they globalize. To contact him, check him out on LinkedIn, or add ezaagman on WeChat.  Updated on 07 Feb 2018 to include information about Elliot’s previous relationship with the TopBuzz platform as well as his […]

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HK Startup Bootcamp 2.0 Demo Day

December 12th, graduates of the Startup Bootcamp 2.0 had their demo day in a local creative co-working space CoCoon. Seven early-stage startups from different regions shared their graduation design. Let’s take a look at some interesting ones. 卢刚,张宁(HTC应用商店),任真(法电研发中心),赵剑(爱米软件),李鹏(机锋网) 申音,程苓峰,潘子明,Keso Former US President, Bill Clinton Former US President, Bill Clinton Calvin Chin Calvin Chin Former US […]

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MWorld, The Next Chinese Virtual World

Chinese Virtual World has been very quiet for a while, but quiet does not mean the market is dead. Old virtual worlds are re-thinking of their strategies, and new ones are emerging. ChinaQ is one of new virtual worlds recently hit the market. Although it is surprisedly operated by the giant, China Mobile, we are […]