Open is the new trends here in China, with Renren‘s open platform and 360‘s lately annoucement of all-around open strategy in place, now it’s Tencent’s turn, the giant and one of the most profitable internet company is hosting it’s very first “Tencent Partners Conference” in Beijing to tout its open platform products and strategies. Technode is liveblogging the conference for your better comprehension of the burgeoning Chinese open trends.

Tencent Fouder and CEO Ma Huateng giving keynote speech:

Annoucing the RMB 5 bliion worth of Tencent Industrial Cooperation Fund has invested over 2 billion in various companies and fields, and the Fund size will be doubled to 10 billion in the near future.

The more successful our partners is, the more succesfful our open platform is.

In the first half of this year, more than 20,000 partners are applying for Tencent open platforms. One example, a 3rd party developer totalled RMB 10 million in one month.

the preliminary goal of Tencent’s open strategy is to build up the largest and most successful open platform in China, supporting all the partners to create a “New Tencent”. Tencent’s annual earnings is RMB 20 billion, and we hope  our partners can enjoy the same number in the future, for last year, partners made a profit of over 4 billio.

Tencent President Martin Lau:

Tencent have done several things in the past six months, including: 1) Restructuring and adjusting for the open platform. 2) Listening to our customers.

Tencent provides with partners both huge traffic which is very attractive to developers and Tencent’s experiences in internet area.

More than 9,000 websites in China using QQ Connect, a service enbale users to login any sites with QQ

Tecnetn Founder and CEO Ma Huateng giving speech:

Addressing the partners concern over “Will Tencent develops its own app to compete against others?”, Ma Huateng said that “we prefer to accomplish our partners in the first place, then consider about ourselves.”

Innovation Works Kaifu Lee gets on stage giving speech:

Open is the reason why Facebook surpasses Myspace. Platform that isn’t open enough will eventually be replaced by something more open. Tencent will provide partners with userss online relationships on the premise that users’ privacy are not compromised. This is a huge boost to developers, since the open of online relationship can get more users to use your products.

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