Chinese middle class is diversifying their investments with cryptocurrencies

China’s new middle class is placing crypto eggs in their wealth management baskets

Announcing the winners of Asia Hardware Battle 2018 Jakarta!

Neurabot will represent Indonesia at the grand final round of Asia Hardware Battle in Shanghai.

There are still many thorns on the rosy road to an electrified urban future

Ironically, batteries could become the roadblock to widespread adoption of electric vehicles.

Briefing: Lenovo becomes China’s hottest tech stock

The PC maker used to be the world's worst-performing technology stock just five months ago.

wechat qq momo renren weibo

WeChat updates add pressure to subscription account content creators

WeChat's 6.7.3 version also allows users to record their own facial expression as a gif.

After Huami, another Xiaomi partner IPOs within one year

Much like with Huami, one concern for the market is Viomi's dependence on Xiaomi.


Briefing: Leshi says indebted former CEO Jia Yueting still controls company

The troubled company shot down reports of a takeover by Sunac's Sun Hongbin.