Latest WeChat update hints at its ‘operating system’ ambitions

WeChat rolled out a new update that allows users to find and move around its download-free mini-programs more easily.

Bing outage in China prompts censorship speculation among netizens

One theory also circulating on the Chinese internet explains Bing's outage as a consequence of an incident relating to rival search engine Baidu.

Briefing: Beijing government to commercialize 5G by 2022

As the 2022 Winter Olympics will be held in Beijing, the Chinese government is accelerating the deployment of 5G networks in the capital city.

Node Worthy 30: Game theory in blockchain economics with David Lancashire

David Lancashire from talks about building a blockchain business, scaling, and the game theory behind blockchain economics.

Briefing: China authorities shut down 9,300 apps in latest internet crackdown

Regulations are setting a new precedent for how much, and how, public organizations can take responsibility for a herculean task—attempting to control the internet.

Briefing: Baidu vows to improve search services following complaint

The complaint comes after Baidu underwent a cleanup of illegal medical advertising that emerged in 2016.

Hebei province launches mini-program to expose deadbeat debtors

An app-like mini-program enables users to identify someone who is in debt around them within a 500-meter radius.

Even global tech darling DJI is not immune to culture of corruption

DJI risks becoming known as a company where employees purchase substandard products in exchange for kickbacks.