Briefing: China’s third-party nurse apps may pose safety risks for users

One app doesn't display the hospitals where nurses work, or what kind of qualifications and licenses they hold.

Ant Financial’s global expansion plan bounces back with WorldFirst buyout

Alibaba affiliate carefully plots its expansion plans after major setback in the US last year.

China’s love-hate relationship with gaming won’t stop it from dominating the industry

The basic stance of China’s guardians of culture has remained consistent: fostering the 'healthy' development of gaming.

Briefing: TikTok found to be testing new ad product

The Bytedance-owned app is upping its monetization game in markets outside of China.

Tencent releases new rules regulating live-streams containing its games

Tencent tightens control over live-streaming of its games to comply with regulations.

Chinese startup Fourier Intelligence aims to reinvent the exoskeleton market

For the 85 million disabled in China, obtaining a set of rehab exoskeletons is a far-off dream.

Briefing: Bike rental cool down prompts calls for policy change

As the bike rental cools down, industry insiders start to ask how well the bike ban fits current circumstances.

Didi to lay off 2,000 employees amid rumors of record losses

The move comes shortly after Didi was rumored to have made a loss of nearly RMB 11 billion in 2018.