Xiaomi buys back 6 million shares as stock prices fall

Xiaomi's share price slumped around 20% in the days preceding the expiry of the company's six-month lockup period.

Bytedance’s Snapchat clone isn’t a WeChat killer. But Tencent should worry

The Chinese internet is hungry, perhaps even starving, as users seek new ways to “play” to keep their attention.

Briefing: Idriverplus receives autonomous vehicle road test permit for Beijing

The Beijing government started granting temporary self-driving permits to mobility companies in March 2018.

Briefing: Alibaba cuts travel spending, postpones hiring as economy slows

In September, Jack Ma warned that the US-China trade dispute could last 20 years, much longer than just Donald Trump's presidency.

CCTV partners with Baidu for Spring Festival hongbao, excludes Alibaba, Tencent

CCTV has broadcast the gala on Chinese New Year's Eve every year since 1983. In 2018, more than 1.1 billion viewers watched the show.

China Tech Investor 12: Huawei’s dilemma and the shrinking smartphone pie

Elliott and James discuss the statements of Huawei founder and figurehead Ren Zhengfei, as his company becomes embroiled in controversy.

Alibaba doubles down on enterprise transformation with A100 program

The idea is to allow companies to pick and choose from the broad lineup of tools that Alibaba provides.

NetEase to limit the amount of time China’s youth spend gaming

Gaming companies face greater oversight for their alleged involvement in fostering gaming addiction among children.