Briefing: Ad for fraud-linked medical group causes uproar on Q&A site Zhihu

Company founder and CEO Zhou Yuan responded to the uproar, saying Zhihu would drop the ad immediately.

Briefing: Pinduoduo reports theft of online discount vouchers

The incident marks the second time in the past three months a technical problem has been found on the e-commerce giant's platform.

Briefing: China condemns scientist who modified baby genes

Reaction to He’s experiments by Chinese authorities may help allay international worry over China's gene-editing ambitions.

Not just Ofo: China’s car-sharing companies face cash crunch

Like Ofo, car rental companies face an uphill battle to break even, let alone turn a profit.

Briefing: Huawei to lay off employees and cut costs as economy slows

Huawei founder says company will exercise caution on lay offs, while warning employees to prepare for hard times.

Xiaomi forms Africa-focused business unit as overseas sales rise

The company has seen success in the overseas market, where it generated more than 40% of its revenue in the third quarter of 2018.

Briefing: Bytedance’s enterprise messaging app Lark announces Chinese name

The app also got a makeover, dropping its blue bird logo in exchange for a paper airplane.

Briefing: iPhone assembler Foxconn prematurely laid off 50,000 contract workers

The news comes after Tim Cook's admission that Apple is losing ground in its biggest market.