In recent years, celebrities from the actor Ren Quan to Angelababy have been floating over to startup and venture capital circles,and the same goes for star athletes. In this year’s Disrupt San Fransisco, Steven Curry showed up, a watershed moment for athletes making a crossover into entrepreneurship and investment. 

As we return to Beijing this November 7th through 8th, we’ve secured some seats for some sports and entertainment figures you might not typically associate with the tech and venture scene. Will they continue to be legends off the sports field and in a different kind of spotlight?



Her fans call her the “Chinese Enya”,she is a one of a kind singer and songwriter, and her first album Sister Drum was an international success selling more than 3 million copies worldwide, a milestone for Chinese music. Continuing her crusade to bring ethnic Chinese culture to the world Dadawa is now the founder of a platform for folk art designers, Kanjian Creation.


Huang Shujun

This songwriter is now the VP of Vipabc and VLive Show. He’s truly well rounded and has also expanded his horizons to singing, directing, radio, tv-production and hosting. His presence will be a huge crowd-pleaser, and he’ll share his plans and goals as VP of this 210 billion USD company.


Xu Yunlong

The Chinese football star and current captain of Beijing Guoan, Xu Yunlong will reveal some of the plans for Guoanlongchao, an incubator, and his thoughts on the pleasure of entrepreneurism.


Deng Lejun

Deng has made a successful crossover of a different kind–from football to golf, two distinct sports. From a professional footballer to professional golfer, he lives up to a reputation as the most resourceful football player. He’ll share his cross over experiences and his plans for starting a business.

Based in Beijing, April Ma writes on tech trends and covers startups that may (or may not) be the next BATs. Reach her at or Mafangjing (Wechat).