Here is  good news for those who have the passion to spice up China’s food system; Bits x Bites has just Launched China’s First Startup Program for Good Food Innovation.

Bits x Bites is not just another run of the mill VC around town. Rather, it aims to accelerate the startups related to the food industry that are cooking ideas to make changes in the sector, which in China is plagued with food safety and diet-related concerns. Bites x Bites has launched the country’s first accelerator program for food tech startups tackling food system challenges.


“There is tremendous worldwide momentum to solve the pressing food system problems, from food security and safety to the environmental impact of food production….We believe food tech startups in China can play a big role and bring disruptive solutions,” says Matilda Ho, the founder of Bits x Bites in a Startup Grind event held in Shanghai last Thursday.

In an hour-long interview after the event, the she left an impression of being one of the kin that believes in their cause and acts upon her passion. Through her own experiences working as business designer and consultant with IDEO and The Boston Consulting Group, engaging in food-industry projects, and time spent in the U.S., she realized the severity of the case in China and decide to further her mission to drive the food innovation here.

When I took a look at the impressive impacts Yimishiji, a farm-to-table e-commerce platform that Matilda founded, has made, I could see that she means every word she says. After more than a year of making progress on her platform, the time had come for her to dream bigger and gather like-minded entrepreneurs and build a strong community.


“For those joining our team, we are eager to provide three things; capital, coaching and community.” said, Matilda. You will find out what she means by ‘coaching’ when you visit the Bits x Bites website where you can find out the list of mentors who are the best experts in this specific field of food industry and other areas that would create synergy with food industry. Moreover, the ‘community’ that Bits x Bites plan to create is expected to be full of diversity with members coming from all over the globe and at the same time quite helpful as members will be co-located in an office space, fully equipped of kitchen labs and maker facilities.

If there is any startup interested in joining this batch, how about visiting TechCrunch Disrupt Beijing 2016, starting

from November 7th and meet Bits x Bites team in the VC meetup.

 For more information about Bits x Bites, visit

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