China’s healthcare industry is in the mist of an innovation drive and the upcoming change is starting from maternity and kid care sector. At the demo day of Dubai 100, a pre-accelerator focused on digital health, half of startups pitched at the event choose mother and baby sector as their first entry point before accessing a broader market.

“We begins as a product focused on chronicle diseases for senior citizens a few years ago, but we now shifts to maternity market because the young generation of parents are more tech-savvy and willing to spend big bucks on related services and products,” said product manager at one of the pitching teams AmeSante.

Unsurprisingly, one awesome startup from mom and kid healthcare vertical MoDoo was announced winner of the competition. Here are all the eight teams that presented to a mix of investors and fellow entrepreneurs last week.


Modoo is a smart fetus-monitoring patch that helps parents to alleviate the anxieties of pregnancy. The gadget is 15g in weight and measures 6mm in thickness and 40mm in diameter. It can be attached to the skin easily for passive fetal heart monitoring and movement counting. Online consulting from real experienced doctors helps mothers-to-be to solve their problems in real-time.


AmeSante delivers remote blood pressure and blood glucose monitoring through automated algorithms to help manage a range of diseases. Based on health data collected intelligent hardwires like smart band, pedometer and smart scale, AmeSante gives priorities to diabetes control and helps mothers-to-be for controlling gestational diabetes by providing smart nutritional services.


Healthme is the developer of a flexible and smart wearable thermometer. The device is ultra-thin of only 0.6-0.8 mm and high in accuracy of around 0.05 ℃. When the body temperature of the users rises, they will receive alerts on their smartphone, which is quite convenient for monitoring the health conditions of babies, women, patients and elderlies.


Dabai is building a high-quality family doctor network to provide easily accessible on-demand health management and medical services. The service is charged on an annual basis, starting from 100 RMB for basic consulting to 399 RMB for special children care.


Doctor Forum is building up a patient information transfer system for doctors and professionals. It is also a platform where doctors can regularly build new communication to talk the next emerging challenges.


MagiKare develops proprietary tele-rehabilitation solutions based on the cutting-edge sensors, motion capture and augmented reality technologies. The technologies are based on VR/AR, new types of sensors, embedded systems and internet communications. The companies is now collaborating with top universities, hospitals and clinics in Europe, America, Australia and Asia.


5Bay is a one-stop hospital-to-home solution to monitor and improve patients’ medication adherence, creating ease of mind for physicians, patients, carers and families.


RayPlus aims to help doctors improve their efficiency and decision-making via cloud-based CAD  technology.

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