The winner of TechCrunch Beijing 2016 Startup Competition is Ruff, a startup that established an IoT development system where developers can more easily code in JavaScript.

There are many startups that create innovations to better serve the consumers, but not many to better serve the developers. The platform that Ruff created is to service the developers.

“Our focus is all about making embedded development easy. We allow developers to build with JavaScript, but also provide a powerful platform Rap Registry for developers to share your drivers, frameworks, and libraries.”, said Roy, the founder of Ruff during the pitching on stage.


 A lot of developers encounter obstacles when coding an application to be used on a hardware device. That is because there is a lack to compatibility and standardization among hardware devices and internet environment is becoming more and more complex. By using Ruff’s platform, developers do not have to double-compile or go through another kernel development. With the procedure of coding an application simplified, Ruff hopes, more developers come up with greater diversity of applications.

Their business model is relatively simple, developers are provided with application development tools for free, but those applications must run on Ruff’s system. Developers then will be charged with a certain level of fee for guaranteeing the stability and safety of their applications within the system.


Besides Ruff, there were five other startups that had presented in the finals competition; Pica, Landian, Poputar, Hooli, Staro. Among them, the third place went to Hooli, corporate data analysis platform founded in August last year that prevents the system failure through application of big data and AI technology. The second place went to Staro, a 360-degree panoramic camera which they invented using their own technology that took six years to invent and successfully prevents distortions from fisheye angles.

Image credit: TechNode

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