Robotics companies in China have mostly focussed on developing home robots such as Rokid, Pudding and Alpha2 in the past year. With the further development of artificial intelligence, robotics company from various verticals have listed in China in the recent years, including TINAVI Medical Technologies Co., Ltd and Deep Ocean Technology Co. Ltd. Robotics professionals from different verticals have discussed what makes a strong team for developing vertical robotics at TechCrunch Beijing.

Founder and CEO of Deep Ocean Technology Co, Ltd, Jiancang Wei says the robot industry needs three kinds of people to boost cooperation between different industries. The first person needs to have a technology background and capacity to adapt its skills to different industries; the second person needs technology background in one specific vertical and actual development skills; the third person needs to have management skills that can inspire the teammates to develop the vertical robotics. With these three members in a team, the team can perform better and have efficiency to develop a product, he explains.

At the same time he also stressed that the core technology should be owned by the company, and should not cooperate with other company on it. “The team must solve the problem by themselves,” Mr. Wei says.

Based in Tianjin, Deepfar Ocean develops underwater robots. The private company tested a new developed Underwater Unmanned Vehicle named “White Shark Max” in the water, earlier this year.

For vertical robotics company, it is also important to match the robotics to the market needs.

For example, when Deepfar Ocean came up with the product, there has been no underwater unmanned aerial vehicles in the market.

“When there is no demand for the product, or the product does not match market’s demand, it requires further transformation of the product. You also need to wait for the market to further expand, at the same time persuade investors to find a good point on the product,” Mr. Wei said.

“From the investment point of view, the company needs to have industry outlook, and a reasonable development path of the product to persuade investors,” managing partner of GGV Capital, Bruce Yu added.

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