Editor’s note: The following comes from our syndication partner, the China Business Cast. The goal of China Business Cast is to help entrepreneurs who want to learn how to do business in China. The podcast features conversations with experienced entrepreneurs and business people who’ve built their businesses in China.  They dig into the details so you can learn from real, on-the-ground accounts of how business actually gets done.

This week we’ve got an interview for you from Philip Beck, who has 38 year career at C-Level positions in SME’s and publicly-listed companies across the advertising, digital media, eCommerce, marketing, recruitment and traditional media sectors in China, Asia-Pacific, the UK and Ireland. 

Here is a quote I think says it all about building your business in China: 

So the biggest issue I find with major brand is just they just too slow and in China compared to the rest of the world What happens and in china, in a space of one year is equal to 7 years in any other market so you have to move quickly and if you don’t move quickly you just get smashed.

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  • How did Philip end up in China? 
  • Speaking about WeChat engagement done right. 
  • What is a Wechat CRM? And what can you do with it?
  • Is WeChat marketing & CRM fits small businesses as well?
  • What is the thought process behind making a customer engagement campaign?
  • How to measure your success, specifically in Wechat?
  • What are common mistakes you see brands making, specifically in Chinese marketing / Wechat?
  • Tips or resources to someone thinking to start their digital marketing in the Chinese market? Books, blogs, etc?
  • Philip Beck contact details (Also on Episode Mentions section)
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