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Hey All, this episode is another interview that Mike made in the CHat conference back in Shanghai Interviewing Michael Chee from Fresh Prints

You thought you need a website and different social media channels to run a startup? Think again, because the weeks guest does it ONLY using WeChat.

Mike and myself (Shlomo) have sometimes hard time coordinating the recordings. We are not on the same time zone.

This time when recording the intro we were really in a rush. I’m sure you can hear this in our voices 🙂

Also, Mike had a chance to meet two of our listeners (Tim from Australia and Phillip from Beijing) in Shenzhen which is great. For the rest of you, let us know if you are around!

Anyway, hope you enjoy!

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  • Intro Michael Chee – WeChat printing service
  • How they started the business only through WeChat?
  • Do you need a website in China for this? (or at all?!)
  • How did they start without an official WeChat account?
  • Do you need to wait until you have an Official WeChat account?
  • Finding Chinese people to open your Official WeChat account
  • How long did the application for the official account take? And how he got it as anon-Chinese national?
  • How Michael got his first customers on Wechat
  • What were you doing before your current entrepreneur venture?
  • When should someone in corporate make the jump? How much validation first?
  • How do you deal with customer service?
  • Tactics on what you can do when you first get started with your WeChat business
  • Tips for others starting their business on WeChat.

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