Few emerging technologies have grown as fast as mobile applications. Since Apple first introduced the App Store back in 2008, its pace of evolution has fundamentally changed the way we live, work, and amuse ourselves.

While some predicted that its go-go growth days are gone, others see increasing opportunities as smartphone rises along with user maturity. Mobile app research firm App Annie predicted earlier this year that global mobile app downloads will more than double to 284 billion in the next four years.

Regardless of what you believe, one thing is clear; the size of mobile app market is still huge but nothing short of innovation could make you stand out from the crowd.

In a fast-moving area where there’s always something new on the horizon, it’s utterly important to keep yourself with the trend.

App maker Biznessapps has made an infogaphic highlighting  the mobile app trends for the coming year, including:

  • Location-based services to continue its rise
  • Integration of augmented reality into utility apps
  • Android instant apps to become a common trend
  • IOT app integrations to continue unchanged
  • Application security to be more important than ever before

Image Credit: 123RF

Emma Lee

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