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This episode is all about how Nick went from not knowing Mandarin upon arrival in China to working as a Mandarin medical interpreter and translator.

Nick first moved to China after college to teach English and ended up staying 6 years total. He is the author of the book Ultimate China Guide: How to Teach English, Travel, Learn Chinese, & Find Work in China.

He goes in-depth about many of the experiences he had there including playing violin with an orchestra, directing and producing 2 films, dating, how to prepare for living in China, where to live, and how to find a job among other topics.

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  • Intro Nick Lenczewski and current projects
  • How did you land in China and what was your main goal when arriving there?
  • How did you land your first job in China, without knowing Chinese?
  • Do you think you can start with other jobs different than English teacher? I know of many people who start that but really don’t like it and then try to move and work in something else.
  • The market in China becomes harder for foreigners. From what you see, where are the best opportunities that left?
  • What’s the best method in your opinion to learn Chinese? when or where was the place where you feel you’ve improved the most?
  • Can you tell us a bit about your book, “The Ultimate China Guide”? Why you’ve decided to write and what’s unique about it?
  • Any more books planned?
  • Let’s get to the digital nomad part in you. Where would you like to go next? and Why?
  • What’s the best way to get in touch with you?
  • If you were coming to China now, in 2016/2017 – what would you do differently from the time you came? Or would you do the same and recommend the same path to others?

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