A startup wants to keep your laptop and mobile phone alive even when you’re cycling across China for a couple of months. A portable battery charger Omnicharge has recorded 4259% funded of its goal amount on Indiegogo, raising over 3 million USD in September. The company recently participated in CES 2017, and are now busy with shipping the product to backers.

Compared with other power bank distributors currently available in the market, such as ChargeTech PLUG (35 oz) and GoalZero Sherpa 100 (30.5 oz), Omnicharge is the lightest: 20.8 oz and recharges in three hours. The competitors do not have a screen, nor support heat management.

The battery charger has an OLED display screen that shows the time left for charging, AC/ DC power outlets, and two USB fast-charging ports. The company has two models: Omnicharge 13600 and Omnicharge 20400.

Omnicharge 20400

It also has a strong safety feature which ensures overheating and overpower protection. Once you connect high power consuming device that goes over 100 watts, it is not going to damage the device nor the Omnicharge, just deactivate. If the environment is too hot, then it will shut down to ensure there are no hazardous situations.

“We have been getting very inspiring stories and feedbacks from backers. One early adopter brought Omnicharge with him when he climbed the Himalayas to charge his heated socks, and Omnicharge was also able to power NBC journalists at the Olympics, and the recent Presidential Debates,” Eric Mathiesen, Customer Relations Manager at Omnicharge says.

The charger also supports wireless charging when the device is lying on top of it, working within 2-3 millimeters and users can take the charger on a flight. Omnicharge kit provides all the different connectors for different devices and supports solar charging. The cool thing is, you can charge five different devices at one time, using AC/ DC power outlets, two USB fast-charging ports, and wireless charging.

I wanted to charge my MacBook Retina 12-inch using Omnicharge, but the team didn’t have USBC connector. I connected my phone to Omnicharge instead, and boom, it charged up my phone in the nick of time.

Omnicharge uses battery cells produced by Panasonic, also used for Tesla to ensure safety and reliability. The battery charger looks slick and high quality. When you touch it, it feels solid.

Omnicharge will be available online  and in retail stores in the U.S. later this year, and will also be available in China later this year.

Image credits: Omnicharge

Eva Yoo is Shanghai-based tech writer. Reach her at evayoo@technode.com