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We are hosting Bruno Bensaid here already for the 2nd time. Last time we spoke about investors mindset in China and this time because of regulations the Chinese government there are constraints on outbound investment.

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  • Hey Bruno, so for the listeners who didn’t listen to our previous episode, which was a bit over a year ago. Can you brief us of what are you doing these days?
  • We brought you on the show to speak about the change of Chinese policy towards outbound investment. First, what are the restrictions exactly?
  • What are are the reasons for those restrictions?
  • Should small local and foreign startups in China should be worried?
  • Is there any way around this policy for now. Any legal structure that can work to still being able to move the money?
  • Because of these new regulations, is there any shift in which companies Chinese investors are currently looking to invest?
  • Where are the best places looking for Chinese funding these days? Where are the easier areas?

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