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On this episode, we are diving into opening a franchise in China of a global company. Thibault Genaitay started the company in Shanghai last year and getting constant traction with a massive hunger of people who wants to create new things with code.

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  • Intro Thibault & his China story of how did you end up in China?
  • Inspiration from Steve Jobs  – He wrote on his blog about why he is opening a coding school in China – seems a bit of influence from the great Steve Jobs – care to share?
  • Program, or Be Programmed – Love this saying! You made it, or from somewhere? It is the truth, right!
  • Beginnings of LeWagon Shanghai
  • The corporate structure, and how was that process overall?
  • How are they incorporated in China? How was the licensing? Or the setup process in general, how was it?
  • Target market, Implementation –  Targeting the Chinese-speaking market, English, or both?
  • Language and Culture differences – How to deal with these differences in China? Something I (Mike) struggle with personally.

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