Editor’s note: This originally appeared on Analyse Asia, a weekly podcast hosted by Bernard Leong, dedicated to dissecting the pulse of business, technology, and media in Asia. The podcast features guests from Asia’s vibrant tech community.

Carolina Milanesi from Creative Strategies & Techpinions joined us for a two-parter discussion from Huawei to artificial intelligence & Internet of Things. In the first part, we discussed Huawei, the leading hardware technology giant from China on their global focus on the consumer sector with smartphones in 2016, and what to expect from them in 2017 particularly in their global expansion and enterprise push with Internet of Things.

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Here are the interesting show notes and links to the discussion (with timestamps included):

  • Carolina Milanesi, Consumer Tech Analyst, Creative Strategies (@caro_milanesiLinkedInTechpinions) [0:38]
    • How did you start your career? [1:22]
    • From your various roles from Kantar, Gartner and now Creative Strategies, what are the interesting career lessons learned? [3:00]
    • What is your current role and coverage in Creative Strategies and the areas of focus? [4:43]
  • Huawei Technologies, China in 2016 & now in 2017 [5:42]
    • Introduction to Huawei (Wikipedia)
    • As Huawei is a private company, why does it hold an annual summit for analysts? What is its motivation to show their financial numbers in public? [6:25]
    • What kind of information does Huawei share with the analysts in their summit? [7:25]
    • What have you learned about Huawei during their annual summit in 2016? [8:34]
    • Huawei Technologies are broadly broken into three categories: Carrier, Enterprise, and Consumer, in last April, how was each of these business lines doing? [11:29]
    • Huawei’s competency with hardware technology from chips to carrier and is vertically integrated similar to Apple. [14:43]
    • Huawei is a combination of Cisco, Alcatel, and Apple in one company. [15:26]
    • Focusing on the consumer aspect, can you talk about the different smartphones from Huawei, particularly the Honor and P9? (Reference: Huawei’s Push into the High End Depends on Continued Growth of its Honor) [16:25]
    • Do you see Huawei creating its own mobile OS instead of depending on Android? [20:17]
    • Huawei should just buy Xiaomi for their software competency with MiUI. [22:19]
    • Where do you see Huawei’s focus will be in 2017? [22:57]

Huawei’s Financial Performance in 2016:

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