Chinese appliances brands are gaining a greater hold in the Korean market, thanks to their lower prices and improving quality, South Korean media (in Chinese) are reporting.

According to the reports, the smartphone launch by Chinese tech giant Xiaomi in 2014 has served to change the stereotype that Chinese electronics products are shoddy and dangerous.

Chinese household appliances, TV and washing machines in particular, have received rave reviews in Korea; Xiaomi power banks even gained a market share of more than 60% for their neat appearance and outstanding performance, according to the country’s electronics retailer Lotte Himart.

Chinese companies are quickening their pace to march into the low-end electronics and automobile markets in South Korea. Appliances brands such as TCL, Haier and Xiaomi have seen impressive results, although they are not strong enough to loosen Samsung and LG’s grip in the Korean market.

TCL’s 32-inch LCD TV is priced 30% lower (in Chinese) than its local rivals in Korea, while the price tag of Midea’s 3.2 kilogram top loading washing machine is one-third the price of its local competitors’.

Chinese automaker BAIC Yinxiang Automotive unveiled an SUV called KENBO600 in South Korea last month, marking the debut of the first Chinese passenger vehicle in the country.

Chinese appliance companies have injected significant capital into product research and development. TCL is developing its man-machine interface test system, Hisense is focusing on the new Hi-View Pro chip used for smart TVs, and Haier is building up its smart home product offerings.

Sheila Yu is a Shanghai-based technology writer. She brings readers the biggest news from Chinese language tech media. Reach her at