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Hey All, It’s been a little while as I (Shlomo) was traveling. We are back on track now and we’ve got a new episode for you.

This time Mike hosted Josh Steimle speaking about becoming an influencer. He has a global marketing Agency in the US, Hong Kong, and Shenzhen and is helping other people becoming influencers.

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  • Intro to Josh Steimle
  • How did Josh end up in Hong Kong and now, Shenzhen, China
  • Josh is the authority on becoming an influencer.  What the definition of an influencer is.
  • Differences Josh can see in becoming an influencer in China vs International Market.
  • Monetizing yourself once you’re an influencer – what are the ways to do it on both sides?
  • Monetization Differences Josh notice between East and West?
  • Any drawbacks of being an influencer? And are those drawbacks the same on both sides of East and West?
  • China Marketing summit – The main event is in July, highlights and what people can expect?
  • How can people engage with Josh and his business.

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