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In today’s episode, we have AJ Warner as our guest. He is the founder of one of the top 5 education consulting firms in China.

AJ Warner founded Touchdown! to provide expert admissions consulting to China’s brightest and most ambitious students and young professionals. He works in close collaboration with clients to get admitted to top business schools, masters programs, universities, colleges, boarding schools, and private high schools. AJ makes the seemingly impossible possible, enabling every client to score his or her own “Touchdown” by getting admitted to the best possible program or university. Most Recently, he is empowering Chinese students studying in the USA to gain practical training through internships in NYC for SMEs.

Before founding Touchdown in 2005 , AJ consulted fortune 500 companies when working for Deloitte.

He is also the Beijing Chapter President for Entrepreneurs Organization (EO).

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  • Introducing AJ Warner.
  • What exactly does Touchdown do? Why do students need its unique services?
  • What was the deciding factor to start Touchdown and what were the biggest difficulties at the beginning?
  • Main challenges today? (How to thrive in Beijing while so many are leaving)
  • Operated Touchdown for the past 11 years. As entrepreneur, we are always looking for the next thing. Interested in doing other things?
  • What is the most important aspect should an entrepreneur focus on when building his or her company? And is it different in China compared to other places?
  • AJ talks about Entrepreneurs Organization – EO. There are pretty set of rules if a person would like to join and it’s quite hard.
  • Does EO support earlier stage entrepreneurs as well?
  • How can people engage with AJ Warner’s global organization for entrepreneurs?
  • Two books AJ recommends.
  • Two tools he uses to help run his empire that are lifesavers.
  • The best way to get in touch with AJ.

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AJ’s Book Recommendation

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