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Alvin Wang Graylin is today’s guest. Mr. Graylin is the China President of Vive (VIVE.com) at HTC leading all aspects of the Vive/VR business in the region.

He is also currently Vice-Chairman of the Industry of Virtual Reality Alliance (IVRA.com), president of the $15 Billion Virtual Reality Venture Capital Alliance (VRVCA.com) and oversees the Vive X VR accelerator in Asia. He has had over 22 years of business management experience in the tech industry, including 15 years operating in Greater China. Prior to HTC, Mr. Graylin was a serial entrepreneur, having founded four venture-backed startups in the mobile and internet spaces, covering mobile social, adtech, search, big data and digital media.

Additionally, he has held P&L roles at public companies such as Intel, Trend Micro, and WatchGuard Technologies.

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  • Shlomo talks about upcoming events
  • Mike talks about Global From Asia Amazon Workshop
  • Introducing Alvin Wang Graylin
  • Alvin Talks about what he is currently doing these days
  • A Quick review for the current VR/AR market in China? Is China no less than the promised land for AR/VR?
  • How is China doing in this industry VS the west? Same levels of innovation in this sector?
  • Question from WeChat group (David): What needs to change to solve the lack of VR content and what HTC is doing to solve this?
  • (David) What is a killer application for AR/VR?
  • Question from WeChat group (Zina): What kind of change will it’s products bring to media if there is? And how many and what kind of media companies in China would like to Use AR/VR in news or news products?  Any broadcasts planning on doing VR content for news or travel shows?
  • Question from WeChat group (Nate): Education: Are there any classroom examples of Vive VR in action?
  • Question from WeChat group (Uriyah): Where are the earliest use-cases for AR/VR in China in the B2
  • Question from WeChat group (Junse): What psychological effects will VR bring to Human mind like smartphones have on our daily lives?
  • Alvin recommends 2 books
  • How people can get in touch with Alvin

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Alvin’s Book Recommendation

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